Q: Do you guys have different packages?

A:  No, as of right now we don’t offer multiple packages.  To get the best end result and the best video we feel like its better that we wrap everything in one package.  A la carte options make things complicated… and to be real, who needs more choices when planning a wedding.

Q: Whats this package include?

A:  This is your all in one package.  No complicated choices.

  •  2 shooters. husband and wife duo… (usually we get along) ha!
  • All day coverage… (within reason of course)  We want it all… that getting ready footage, right down to your grandma breaking it down on the dance floor.
  • 3-5 minute highlight reel that makes even strangers smile and cry.
  • Drone footage (if weather and other conditions agree)
  • Consultation where you can ask us any other questions you might have!  (Getting to know our couples before the big day makes shooting a breeze.)

Q: My wedding isn't in Kansas City, are you guys still available?

A:  YES…yes…yes! We are more than down to travel…thats actually even an understatement. We have updated passports and love to shoot in new places!  Depending on location, there may be a travel charge for additional expenses and accommodations.

Q: Why do you only offer a 3-5 minute video?

A:  We’ve talked this one over before, but we feel like that is really the sweet spot when it comes to wedding highlight reels.  Anything short of that isn’t enough, and anything longer than 5 minutes ends up losing your attention span and becomes a snooze fest.  That 3-5 minutes lets your emotions go all over the place.

Q: What is required to hold our date?

A:  We will just need a signed contract and a $500.00 retainer fee.  The rest can be paid one month prior to the wedding day.

Q: How long does it take to get our wedding highlight video?

A:  There is really no exact number we can give you.  And we (Joey, cough)  are really perfectionist when it comes to our cuts and our final product.  So anywhere from 6-12 weeks!


Whether you’re getting married in a backyard, a rooftop downtown, or eloping high in the Rockies, its no joke the wedding planning gets real intense.  The flowers will wither and wilt.  The dress will be packed away neat and tight.  The food will be scarfed down, and your grandma will no longer be doing the cupid shuffle on the dance floor… After all is said and done, memories are the only thing you have to keep.  Our wedding films are unique to each couples love story, and help capture those ever so fleeting moments that pass us all by too quickly.